Article 370 Box Office: Scores a very healthy weekend, all eyes on weekday holds now

The weekend has done the job for Article 370. After a very good start that happened on Friday and subsequently huge growth on Saturday, the film came on its own on Sunday as well. The collections were rock solid at Rs. 10.25 crores and that’s pretty positive for this film, which has a new director Aditya Suhas Jambhale calling the shots. Even to conceive a film with a subject like this is challenging in itself and the fact that he has actually executed it well and that too in an entertaining manner says a lot about how cinema is evolving in Bollywood.

Just when it had started seeming that only hardcore massy action masala movies are working at the box office, it’s heartening to see a geopolitical drama like Article 370 hit the screens and find good audience for itself. While one waits to see where does it eventually head towards, the fact remains that it’s a clear success in the making and at the very least, a lifetime of over Rs. 75 crores is on the cards with possibility of a Rs. 100 Crore Club entry as well.

The Yami Gautam and Priyamani starrer has already netted Rs. 25.45 crores and by the look of things, weekdays would be rather stable too. That means the first week numbers will comfortably go past the Rs. 40 crores mark and post that there would be good collections coming in weeks to come as well, since this isn’t just one of those routine first weekend/first week films. Last year, Yami Gautam had scored as a lawyer with grey shades in OMG 2 and now in this rather heroic part in Article 370, she has proven her mettle all over again.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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