Akshay Kumar and Arshad Warsi’s Jolly LLB 3 faces legal trouble over alleged judicial mockery

As Bollywood actors Akshay Kumar and Arshad Warsi focus on shooting their upcoming film Jolly LLB 3 in Ajmer, the comedy project has encountered legal trouble. A complaint has been filed against the film’s team in a court in Ajmer, alleging that the movie disrespects the judiciary system.

According to NBT, Ajmer District Bar Association President Chandrabhan Singh Rathod had filed a complaint against the film’s producers, stating that the series mocks the Indian justice system and tarnishes its image as a result.

Chandrabhan allegedly filed a complaint against the producer, director, and performers for making fun of attorneys and judges. In the complaint, Chandrabhan allegedly stated that the video portrays attorneys and judges in an “inappropriate” manner that is “humorous and indecent”.

“This decision has been taken considering the first and second parts of Jolly LLB. It seems that the filmmakers, directors and actors do not respect the dignity and prestige of the judiciary of the country’s Constitution at all. The shooting of Jolly LLB 3 is going on in the surrounding villages and areas, including the DRM office of Ajmer, which will continue for several days. Even during the shooting of this film, the actors of the film do not seem to be at all serious about the image, prestige and dignity of the judiciary including the judges,” the report quoted Chandrabhan as saying.

He said that depictions of kicking a lawyer, chasing him with a stick, the judge eating ‘gutkha’, and money transactions do not reflect the realities of the judicial system and are incompatible with the dignity of the judiciary.

Indeed, the Ajmer District Bar Association has filed a suit in the court of Civil Judge Ajmer North to halt the filming of Jolly LLB 3. They’ve asked the court to issue a notice. According to the article, the hearing will take place today (Tuesday).


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Akshay and Arshad are repeating their roles as attorneys, with both named Jolly, while Subhash Kapoor will helm the production. On April 29, they began shooting the film in Ajmer. They also uploaded an amusing video as they started filming.

Sharing the video, Akshay wrote, “Ab original kaun aur duplicate kaun, yeh toh pata nahi. But this sure is going to be a jolly good ride !! Stay with us. Jai Mahakaal.”

The first Jolly LLB film was released in 2013, with a sequel in 2017. In the third chapter, it is expected that Akshay and Arshad would be at odds, with Saurabh Shukla resuming his role as judge.

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