90 Day Fiance: Sheila Rocked by Tragic Death & David Can’t Help

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days stars, Sheila and David Dangerfield are about to face one of the most challenging times a couple will endure. She is heartbroken and mourning a significant loss. There is a sad and unexpected incident in her family. David is by her side and comforts her. But her pain is so unbearable that nothing he does helps.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Death Casts Dark Cloud over Sheila & David Dangerfield’s Visit

Sheila’s heartbreak is the focus of the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days this week. After a tough start to their visit, things get more complicated between them after the tragic death of her beloved mother, Remedios A. Mangubat.

TLC viewers were happy David traveled to the Philippines to meet his longtime love. The two had a memorable first meeting at the airport and got to know each other intimately. He was also there to meet and gain the approval of her family members. Tragedy struck just hours after David’s introduction to her family.

Early in the morning, around 5 am, Sheila’s mother died following a horrific fall through the dilapidated staircase in their family home. Her family members woke later to find that she had passed away. Sheila is inconsolable.

David asks Sheila and her son, Jhonreil, to stay with him at a hotel. However, she tells him she must stay with her mother’s body for 24 hours.

She explains that it is customary in the Philippines to stay with the deceased loved one’s body for 24 hours, or it is considered bad luck. According to Thomas Miller Mortuary, most Filipino end-of-life traditions are shaped by the Catholic faith. It is customary for the family to hold a wake for up to seven days in honor of their loved one.

David Feels the Pain of TLC Fiancee’s Grief

90 Day Fiance viewers were bracing themselves for Sunday night’s episode. They expected it to be an emotional segment for Sheila and David to get through. Many of the viewers are fans of the pair. They admire how he handled Sheila’s feelings when first seeing her living conditions and meeting her family.

David does his best to stand by her in her time of need. But Sheila tells him she needs time alone. After seeing the preview clip, some of the show’s followers raged at the network last week. 

Now that fans know that Sheila’s mother died, they are raging. They felt that TLC took it too far, using her family member’s death as a cliffhanger. But after seeing her heartbreak, viewers think that Sheila and her family have been exploited.

The 90 Day Fiance star supports her through this challenging time. However, her unconsolable grief appears to affect the couple’s relationship.

90 Day Fiance: Sheila’s Sadness Takes a Toll on Her Relationship?

Sheila is deeply affected by the loss of her mother. She has a hard time navigating her grief and pushes David Dangerfield away. This is not an easy time for them. The couple’s relationship was already suffering from communication issues.

Things between the pair grew tense after he hired Aimee, the interpreter, to help out. Sheila was uneasy and would have preferred a male interpreter.

She is jealous because Aimee understands her partner and can communicate with him easily. Aimee also appears to be interested in him. Sheila fears she could lose him, and this causes more tension between them.

Sheila’s jealousy is on hold while she deals with her family’s loss. Her focus is on the funeral and her grief for the time being. David Dangerfield wants to help her through it, but she continues to pull further away from him.

If he can’t figure out how to bring his 90 Day Fiance partner closer, it could cause significant difficulties in their relationship.

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