Young and the Restless Twist: Jordan’s Final Revenge!

Young and the Restless psychopath Jordan Howard is just getting started, and her reign of terror intensifies for February Sweeps on the CBS soap.

Young and the Restless: Melody Thomas Scott Drops Major Hint

We’ve got some hot spoilers on February sweeps about crazy Jordan Howard (Colleen Zenk), Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), and everyone in the family who’s got something to fear from the mad woman.

This story is far from over. Let’s dig in and unpack what actress Melody Thomas Scott said in a new interview. So, it seemed like a speedy resolution at first. The cops arrested Claire Grace (Haley Erin) at the lake house in Oregon.

Then, they arrested Jordan when she lured Nikki to the abandoned fishing cabin after kidnapping Claire. We had a brief pause between the two and with Jordan in jail on Young and the Restless.

She’s facing a family’s worth of attempted murder charges, and it seems she’s done. Only that’s not true at all. During a recent interview with Global TV, Melody Thomas Scott, who plays Nikki, had lots to say about what lies ahead.

Jordan Not Done Yet

First, she said that she would’ve been disappointed if the Jordan story ended when the family got out of the lakehouse worse for wear but alive. And then we got the other cabin scene. But there’s more coming.

Melody Thomas Scott says “Blessedly” but it is not over. Given other recent storylines though, it wouldn’t be surprising if it had ended that abruptly. The Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) thing had a rushed and somewhat unsatisfying ending when the character had so much potential.

And when Linden Ashby came back as Cameron Kirsten, it was a 15-episode speed train of a storyline. He showed up, sent some icky gifts, killed a cat, kidnapped Faith, and then was pushing up daisies in what was three weeks’ worth of episodes.

It was honestly too fast, but maybe that’s all the time Linden Ashby had since he’s a very busy working actor. And when they landed Colleen, who’s sensational, to play Jordan, and then she wound up arrested pretty fast, my reaction was, aww, done already?

So, I’m thrilled to share that there is more to come, and it’s coming for February Sweeps. MTS assured that in the next few weeks, you’ll see that the terror has been intensified. The threats of Jordan are not over by any means.

Jordan Howard Furious on Y&R

Right now, Young and Restless villainess Jordan is in jail awaiting trial. We already got a little hint of what was to come last week when Claire asked her parents to facilitate a visit with her lunatic aunt so she could get some closure.

The dialog was pretty interesting and foreshadowed what’s ahead. Like when Jordan complained that they’re treating her like a criminal in jail. She clearly thinks she did nothing wrong at all. Then, Jordan said she put Claire first all her life, and that’s why she’s in jail now.

She continues to gaslight the great-niece she kidnapped as an infant. Jordan also insisted she’s innocent, unlike the other bad people in the jail. She also tried again to poison Claire’s mind against the Newmans on Young and the Restless.

Claire told her great-aunt she’s a monster who haunts her nightmares, and she’ll never see her again. And then Jordan made threats and said she had plans and threatened Claire, saying she chose the wrong side.


So, it’ll be just a few weeks, and we’ll find out what those plans are. And I am certain it involves violence, mayhem, and tormenting Nikki, Claire, and the other Newmans. Jordan’s insane in the membrane and is beyond help at this point on Young and the Restless.

Jordan Comes for Newmans in February Sweeps – Young and the Restless

In the meantime, before Jordan comes back for her grand finale of revenge, Nikki’s still struggling with her sobriety. MTS said that Nikki tries to deal with this sobriety crisis on her own. Of course, that usually doesn’t work out very well.”

And also, in the interview, the Nikki actress raved about working with Hayley Erin, who plays Claire, and of course, Colleen Zenk who plays Jordan. She said, “I can’t say enough good things about either one of them.”

She asked “I mean, who is luckier than me? It’s been a dream. Working with them.” While not giving too much away, MTS said, “I just know this is not anywhere near over – and I can’t wait!”

Right now, Claire’s ready to abandon her parents on Young and the Restless. She thinks she’s too toxic for them and doesn’t deserve any love or forgiveness in her life. I’m certain they won’t take no for an answer and will keep showing up for her.

And that puts them all in a position of vulnerability when Jordan breaks out of jail and comes for payback. I’m assuming she’ll have to break out of prison on Young and the Restless.

With all those criminal charges and a family as powerful as the Newmans involved, she won’t walk away from her day in court as a free woman. We’ll see how it goes.

Y&R is gripping and intense as Jordan Howard plans her next evil move. Don’t miss a minute of the CBS sudser.

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