Pathbreaking Battery Superpower Unleashed: Meet the OPPO F23 5G

In an era when smartphones are an extension of our very selves, finding one that caters to our unique lifestyle preferences is paramount. With a generation that is on the move, many times low batteries on our smartphones trigger specific anxieties The OPPO F23 5G, armed with groundbreaking battery technology and an array of features tailored to individual needs, is here to redefine your smartphone experience and tackle the LBA (Low Battery Anxiety) or Nomophobia that we all face. Priced at Rs. 24999 in India, this power-packed device is set to go on sale from May 18th at 12 AM across OPPO Store, on Amazon, and at mainline retail outlets. In this article, we’ll explore how the OPPO F23 5G leaves its competition behind in the battery/charging department and why it should be your top choice for your next smartphone upgrade.

Unmatched Charging Speed: Power Up in Minutes

The OPPO F23 5G stands head and shoulders above its competition in the price segment, thanks to its exceptional charging capabilities. With its 67W SuperVOOC™ charging technology, this smartphone can be charged to 100 percent in just 44 minutes and to 50 percent in just 18 minutes, a significant improvement over other smartphones in the same price range. For those moments when time is running out and you need a rapid recharge, the OPPO F23 5G has got you covered. With just a 5-minute charge, you’ll be ready to dive back into your digital life, enjoying 6 hours of uninterrupted conversations, 2.5 hours of captivating YouTube content, or 1.8 hours of immersive Instagram exploration. The OPPO F23 5G ensures you’ll never miss a beat, even when you’re short on time.


Battery Life that Keeps Going: The 5000 mAh Powerhouse

The OPPO F23 5G is a powerhouse of a smartphone that features a 5000mAh battery, providing users with long-lasting battery life that keeps them going throughout the day. The OPPO F23 5G’s innovative Battery Health Engine technology monitors the charging process and controls the charging current and voltage, further extending the battery’s lifespan. Impressively, the battery can last for over 1600 charging cycles, which is almost four years, making the OPPO F23 5G a top choice for users seeking longevity from their smartphone.

Charging with Peace of Mind: 5-Layer Protection

The OPPO F23 5G takes safety seriously, ensuring a charging experience free from the risks of current or voltage overload that can cause battery damage and reduce product life. Its 5-layer charging protection system covers the charging adaptor, cable, and battery, providing users with a safe and reliable charging experience. By prioritizing safety, the OPPO F23 5G sets itself apart as a more durable option in the price segment.

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Conserve Energy with Smart Features

The OPPO F23 5G offers several smart features designed to conserve energy and alleviate low battery anxiety, keeping users connected for longer periods. With the All Day AI Power Saving Mode, users can select up to six apps that will stay active in super power-saving mode when their battery is running low, ensuring they remain connected to essential people and services. The Super Night-time Standby feature intelligently optimizes power savings based on sleep habits, using only 2 percent of power overnight. These thoughtful features are designed to conserve energy and make low battery anxiety a thing of the past.

A Design that Impresses: Sleek and Stylish

The OPPO F23 5G delivers outstanding battery performance in a sleek, stylish body that caters to every target audience. Its 3D curved back with OPPO Glow exudes a premium look and feel that aligns with the expectations of OPPO F series fans. With Bold Gold and Cool Black colour options, users can select the perfect match for their personal style.

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Dazzling Display Experience

The expansive 6.72-inch 120Hz LCD screen promises an immersive visual experience that is sure to impress. The LCD screen also features a 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 colour gamut, boasting much better colour saturation and higher colour accuracy. As a result, the screen can deliver a more impactful visual experience with more realistic colours. So for the people who are always on the run, this screen will definitely prove to be a ‘brighter’ option as this performs significantly well even in blasting sunlight. The device also has a 240 Hz touch Adaptive sampling rate to balance power consumption and performance and deliver Higher and more accurate responsiveness in gaming scenarios.

The OPPO F23 5G not only performs exceptionally well but also looks and feels great in your hands, making it perfect for those who demand both style and substance.

Capture Memories with Stunning Clarity

The F23 5G boasts an AI Triple Camera setup, including a 64-megapixel primary camera for high-resolution photos. So whether you’re capturing breathtaking landscapes or snapping memorable moments with friends and family, the F23 5G delivers stunning image quality.

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The 2-megapixel depth camera allows for impressive portrait shots with a beautiful bokeh effect, while the 2-megapixel microlens provides a wider focal length range and 20x to 40x magnification, enabling you to explore the microscopic world and capture intricate details.

This smartphone also offers innovative portrait features, AI Portrait Retouching and AI Color Portrait, perfect for creating eye-catching, artistic images.

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With AI Portrait Retouching, you can effortlessly enhance your selfies, while AI Color Portrait allows you to isolate a subject in colour against a black-and-white background, resulting in a striking visual effect.

Immersive Audio Experience

The OPPO F23 5G provides a superior audio experience that stands out from competing products in the same price range. With its dual stereo speakers and Dirac sound enhancement, users can enjoy a high-quality audio experience that elevates their multimedia and gaming experience. The 200 percent Ultra Volume Mode amplifies the speaker volume for media playback, ringtones, alarms, and notifications, ensuring users never miss a beat.

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Experience Unrivaled Performance and Durability

The OPPO F23 5G is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G Mobile Platform and 8GB RAM + 256GB of storage, delivering a top-notch performance that can handle even the most demanding tasks. With an SD card slot for storage expansion of up to 1TB, as well as RAM Expansion of up to 8GB, users can enjoy ample storage and seamless multitasking capabilities. This smartphone also boasts of impressive privacy features, ensuring the protection of sensitive data. Furthermore, with its IP54 dust and water resistance rating, users can use it confidently in any environment.

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ColorOS 13.1: Customizable and User-friendly

The OPPO F23 5G comes equipped with ColorOS 13.1, a user-friendly operating system that offers a dynamic computing experience and several privacy features. With Auto Pixelate and customizable settings, users can easily control their privacy and ensure the protection of sensitive data. The interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, with several customization options that allow users to personalize their phones to their liking. ColorOS 13.1 is a feature-rich operating system that enhances the smartphone experience, making it more enjoyable for users.

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Discover the OPPO F23 Pro Difference

The OPPO F23 5G will revolutionize the smartphone market with its groundbreaking battery technology and impressive suite of features. For all those who face low battery anxiety on a regular basis, the OPPO F23 5G will be a game-changer. This battery powerhouse for sure will last all day long to eliminate your battery woes. Priced at Rs. 24999 the device is available for pre-order starting today and will go on sale from May 18th. This must-have smartphone can be purchased from OPPO Store, on Amazon, and at mainline retail outlets. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience battery, charging, power, style, and innovation, all tailored to your needs with the OPPO F23 5G.

Checkout the exciting offers available on the first sale of OPPO F23 5G:

  • Enjoy up to 10% Cash Back and No Cost EMI up to 6 months from May 18 till May 31 on ICICI Bank, SBI Cards, Kotak Mahindra Bank, & other leading Banks and Financiers. The offer can also be availed from Bajaj Finance, TVS Credit, and HDB Financials on EMI Finance schemes,
  • Loyal OPPO customers can avail of an Exchange + Loyalty Bonus of up to INR 2500 and other smartphone customers can avail of an exchange offer of up to INR 1500.
  • EMI Schemes, including Zero down payment are available on Bajaj Finance, TVS credit, IDFC First Bank, HDB Financials, & other leading financiers.
  • You can also buy OPPO F23 5G and Enco Air2i between May 18 to May 23 and get Enco Air2i at a discounted price of only INR 1799.

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