“If you can’t follow Dory, then be an Orry,” says Twinkle Khanna; speaks on former’s rising stardom 

Actress-turned-author Twinkle Khanna has become the latest celebrity to be charmed by the enigmatic social influencer Orry, often dubbed “Bollywood’s BFF.” In her recent Times of India column, Khanna expressed her fascination with Orry’s unique path to cultural prominence, even offering to purchase a hypothetical book of his titled “How to Make Friends and Influence People in Bollywood.”

Orry, known for his constant presence at high-profile gatherings and close ties with celebrities like Janhvi Kapoor, Nysa Devgn, and Ananya Panday, has become a fixture in the Indian zeitgeist. While he doesn’t boast the traditional celebrity resume of acting, singing, or sporting prowess, Khanna highlights his ability to “attend parties and pose with his famous friends” as his key skill.

This unconventional route to fame piqued Khanna’s curiosity, prompting her to dedicate an entire resolution in her column to Orry. “If you can’t follow Dory,” she playfully wrote, referencing the forgetful fish from Finding Nemo, “then be an Orry.”

Khanna’s fascination extends beyond mere amusement. She recounted a podcast episode where senior journalists jokingly coined the terms “Orry of poor people” and “Orry of intellectuals,” showcasing the influencer’s undeniable influence across social circles.

The potential goldmine of insights Orry possesses is what piqued Khanna’s interest in a potential book deal. “He doesn’t dance, sing, produce oil, coal or steel. He doesn’t fight elections or play cricket,” she wrote, enumerating the typical paths to fame in India. Yet, Orry’s ability to navigate the intricate web of Bollywood friendships has captured the collective imagination, making him a prime candidate for a tell-all guide.

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