Godzilla x Kong Box Office: Film stays quite good on Saturday as well, crosses Rs. 25 crores in 2 days

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire managed to have similar collections as Friday on Saturday as Rs. 12.50 crores* came in. On its opening day, which also was a partial holiday of Good Friday, the film had collected Rs. 13 crores* at the box office. The numbers have in fact come out to be somewhat lesser than Rs. 14 crores that was reported earlier. Still, what it has scored is a big enough number, especially when considering the fact that Godzilla-Kong franchise didn’t really have huge footprints in India. That said, after this newest instalment, it will certainly etch its place amongst the big ones.

The film didn’t have as huge an edge over Bollywood’s Crew as it seemed till yesterday since it too had collected Rs. 10.21 crores. On Saturday, the Ekta Kapoor production has gone further which means the gap between Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire and Crew has reduced further. The Hollywood biggie currently stands at Rs. 25.50 crores* and is still the bigger film though at an all-India level. However, in the core Hindi territories, it’s Crew which is leading the show, and how.

It would now be interesting to see how does Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire pan out today. Now that it’s a level playing field on Sunday with the initial euphoria around watching an action film settling down, the competition that it will have from Crew will be closely observed. That said, the fact also remains that the Hollywood biggie has found good appreciation from its target audience segment. As a result of that it will play on as well and along with Crew, it will build its case for finding itself in the Rs. 100 Crore Club during its lifetime.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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