EXCLUSIVE: Kedar Shinde will make Baipan Bhari Deva part 2 only on one condition

Filmmaker Kedar Shinde’s Marathi movie Baipan Bhari Deva is breaking records the box office and also gaining a lot of appreciation. Produced by Jio Studios and starring Rohini Hattangadi, Vandana Gupte, Suchitra Bandekar, Sukmanya Kulkarni Mone, Shilpa Navalkar and Deepa Parab, the film is the story of six sisters who reunite for taking part in a traditional dance competition.

In today’s times, whenever a film makes history at the box office, the question about its sequel automatically pops up. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Hungama when Kedar Shinde was asked if he has thought about a sequel to Baipan Bhari Deva, he said, “There is a lot of responsibility. It’s not easy. The film has become a tremendous brand, so I will get money (if I make a sequel). But I need to think whether I should concentrate on making money or be concerned about losing the respect I have in audience’s hearts. I would never want that respect to go. The day I feel that this is the perfect script for Baipan 2 only then I will make it. But right now there is no such plan.”

He added, “Right now, I just want the film to reach more and more people. I want more and more non-Maharashtrians to watch the film because language is not important in this film. You get connected because of the emotions. A woman is the same in all languages and she has the same problems.”

Shinde has made films on varied subjects over the years. Speaking about his criteria of choosing subjects, he said, “Whether an idea comes to my mind or if someone narrates an idea to me, I ask myself if I will buy a ticket to watch a film on this story. If I get ‘yes’ as the answer, I start working on it. There is no formula for success. I should feel like working sincerely behind a particular story.”

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