[Design Review] New Feedly Navigation Bar

The team is exploring a new design for the Feedly navigation bar. Here is a quick tour so that you can let us know what you think of the upcoming changes!

More visible Add Content (+)

The profile and add content are now more visible in a left band. Teams users will also be able to more easily add new teammates and share feeds and boards.

The new left band

Pin or unpin

You can continue to pin or unpin the navigation bar


Right-click and manipulate anything

You can right click on a feed, a source, a board, or a priority and use the contextual menu to quickly manage your resources.

Right-click on any oject

Easily rename inline

Renaming your feeds, sources, or boards is going to become a lot easier.

Rename inline

Drag and drop

Drag and drop and easily re-order or re-organize anything, including easily moving personal feeds and boards to your team space.

Drag and drop

If you have feedback about this redesign, please join the Feedly Lab Slack!

-Gregoire, Edwin, Eduardo