Children’s Day 2023: Makers of HanuMan drop animated ‘Superhero HanuMan’ song for kids, watch

There is a special gift from the makers of HanuMan this Children’s Day. The creators of the much-anticipated superhero film HanuMan have unveiled a superhero theme song named ‘Superhero HanuMan.’ The song showcases Teja Sajja playing a superhero, who doesn’t don a superhero suit, is desi at heart and is the most powerful superhero in the universe. Penned by Kumaar of ‘Jawan’ fame and set to tune by Anudeep Dev, ‘Superhero HanuMan’ is an catchy and fun anthem sung by children.

The song shows a young man who discovers that he has been bestowed with brute strength by kids favourite Lord Hanuman. It mentions iconic global superheroes and shows how they pale in comparison to the superhero with the local touch, ‘HanuMan.’ It’s design are bound to capture the imagination of audiences, establishing it as the epitome of all superhero tracks created to date.

Lauded as a director who brought fresh ideas and narratives in the Telugu film industry with films like the investigative thriller Kalki and the zombie comedy Zombie Reddy, Prasanth Varma is now gearing up to appeal to a global audience by envisioning a superhero movie deeply rooted in our cultural heritage and Itihasa.

Talking about the song Prasanth Verma shares, “The song ‘SuperHero Hanuman’ is a fun song and kids are going to love it. The song has been sung by a kid in all the languages. I hope the superhero anthem resonates with one and all and reminds us that we all have the power to inspire, uplift, and awaken the hero within us. I can assure you that all the family audiences are going to love this neat and clean family entertainer!

Teja Sajja says, “The superhero song is fun and the entire team has worked really hard to bring the entire song together. I hope that the kids love it.”

HanuMan is presented by RKD Studios, while Niranjan Reddy (PrimeShow Entertainment) is the producer of the film. Venkat Kumar Jetty is the Line Producer and Kushal Reddy is the associate producer. Catch film in the theatres on January 12.

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