BREAKING: Gadar 2 gets 10 cuts from CBFC; religious reference in the riot scene removed; ‘Bas***d’ replaced with ‘Idiot’; ‘Tiranga’ replaced with ‘Jhande’

The big clash of the year, Gadar 2 vs OMG Oh My God 2, is happening this month. The censor process of both films are over. Bollywood Hungama reported in detail about OMG Oh My God 2’s controversial process. Now we bring to you the censor details of Gadar 2.

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) passed Gadar 2 with a U/A certificate. However, the makers had to accept 10 cuts. The scene of the rioters chanting ‘Har Har Mahadev’ have been removed. The ‘Shiv Tandav’ shlokas were replaced with the song line ‘Akhand hai…who sang hai’.

The word ‘Bastard’ has been replaced with ‘Idiot’. The designation of Defence Minister was incorrectly depicted. It was rectified to ‘Raksha Mantri’ as per the orders if CBFC. Then the word ‘Tirange’ was changed to ‘Jhande’ and the ‘Har Jhande Ko…’ dialogue was suitably modified.

The line in the thumri song ‘Bata De Sakhi’ was replaced by ‘Bata De Piya Kahaan Bitaayi Shaam’. A dialogue ‘Dono ek hi toh hai. Baba Nanak ne bhi yahin kaha hai’ was replaced with ‘Ek noor te sab jag upaje. Baba Nanak ne bhi yehi kaha hai’ with references to the holy Quran and Bhagavad Gita.

Finally, the makers were asked to submit documentary evidence for all the stats and references made about the 1971 India-Pakistan war. Also, the makers submitted translation for the shlokas and mantras used in the film.

After these changes were made, the CBFC granted a U/A certificate to Gadar 2. The length of the film, as mentioned on the certificate is 170 minutes. In other words, Gadar 2 is 2 hours 50 minutes long.

Gadar 2 stars Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel and Utkarsh Sharma and releases on August 11.

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