Bad Newz trailer launch: Karan Johar hints at re-release plans for Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham; says, “I haven’t actually seen the entire film”

The recent re-releases of Bollywood classics like Rockstar and Lakshya have sparked conversations about revisiting iconic films on the big screen. At the trailer launch of his upcoming production Bad Newz, filmmaker Karan Johar weighed in on the trend, expressing his support for re-releases but outlining specific conditions for revisiting his own films.

Celebrating Legacy Through Re-releases
KJo acknowledged the positive response to recent re-releases, stating, “I was really excited with the films coming back. I was so happy when Rockstar re-released and received so much love. Every day on Instagram reels, I saw the immense appreciation people had for a cult film like Rockstar.”

The filmmaker further elaborated, “I think this re-release phenomenon is fantastic. A whole generation has grown up watching certain films, and re-releasing them allows them to experience these classics on the big screen once again.”
K3G Re-release: A Special Occasion
Addressing the highly anticipated re-release of his own blockbuster Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (K3G), he revealed a surprising detail. “I believe the film deserves a re-release on its 25th anniversary,” he stated. Interestingly, Johar also confessed, “I haven’t actually seen the entire film myself. I only watch my films properly once, during the final stages of editing. After that, I don’t revisit them. It’s been 23 years since I last saw K3G. I only catch snippets when they pop up on social media reels.”
Re-release as a Celebration
Johar stated that a re-release of K3G would be reserved for a special occasion. “I would like to do it (re-release) when there’s a momentous milestone,” he said. He went on to express his hope that other filmmakers would follow suit, “I hope everyone else with special films, like Zoya Akhtar’s retrospectives or Rockstar, considers re-releases. We should constantly remind everyone that Hindi cinema has a rich history and continues to produce great films.”


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Currently, Karan Johar is focused on the release of his upcoming co-production Bad Newz, starring Vicky Kaushal, Triptii Dimri, and Ammy Virk. The film is set to hit theaters on July 19, 2024.

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